Is the new Programming Language from Google named Carbon the next C++ successor?

This is a great introduction to an informative and factual blog post about Carbon, a new programming language from Google. It’s not hard to tell that this new programming language offers some major positives when it comes to safety, productivity, and speed. With many programmers already making the switch from C++ to other languages such as Java or Python, Google is confident that Carbon will be the next big thing for programmers.

They say that the new programming language is fully-compatible with C++, and it runs on a binary translation just like Java. It’s also readable and writable just like C++. There’s no catch here; Carbon is real, and it’s here to make a difference. One of the many benefits of this new programming language over C++ is the fact that it automatically bounds objects for you, which can be extremely useful for performance and security purposes.

Some of the other benefits include a high-performance garbage collector, multiprocessor support, and various convenient memory management features. Just like C++, you’ll be able to use it to create platforms and libraries that are easy to maintain and debug. The programming language was developed by Google Web Toolkit programmers, people who have been working with languages such as Python and Java for years. They claim that this is the language they had always wanted: one which would be readable, writable, efficient, and safe.

Carbon is still in its infancy, but it has the potential to become something great. Google has mentioned that they’re looking forward to having input from C++ experts on how to make this language even better. As it stands, it looks like another viable alternative for programmers and developers who have been outgrowing C++ for some time now and are looking for something that will allow them to keep their jobs and make a difference in the programming community.

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